On the Wings of Eagle and Raven

Curated by:
Dr. Larry Silver
Dr. Robert St. George
The students of the Kaye Curatorial Seminar

On view April 10 through July 6, 2014
220 South 34th Street (inside Fisher Fine Arts Library)
University of Pennsylvania

The Tlingit and Haida are two First Nations located along the Pacific Northwest. While these nations belong to entirely distinct language groups, they do share a trading relationship and a common visual vocabulary. This visual tradition is most notable for its abstracted animal motifs and bright contrasts of black and red.  Additionally, the two groups share a social structure divided into two moeties, known as Eagle and Raven. Within this bipartite structure are a number of clans lineages, each represented by a unique crest.

On the Wings of Eagle and Raven strives to display the historical heritage of Tlingit and Haida art through the use of the Penn Museum collections, but it also seeks to continue the rich cultural vitality of these nations through modern times. Alongside famous historical pieces will be recent works that build on their strong traditions. This exhibit will feature a variety of weavings, carvings, and prints, some of them from this very decade.

We hope you will join us as we explore the rich culture of the Tlingit and Haida nations.